CompTIA A Plus Acronyms

The following is a list of acronyms which may appear on the CompTIA A+ exams covering 2009 objectives. Candidates are encouraged to review the complete list and attain a working knowledge of all listed acronyms as a part of a comprehensive exam preparation program.

Source CompTIA

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AC - alternating current

ACPI - advanced configuration and power interface

ACT - activity

ADSL - asymmetrical digital subscriber line

AGP - accelerated graphics port

AMD - advanced micro devices

AMR - audio modem riser

APIPA - automatic private internet protocol addressing

ARP - address resolution protocol

ASR - automated system recovery

AT - advanced technology

ATA - advanced technology attachment

ATAPI - advanced technology attachment packet interface

ATM - asynchronous transfer mode

ATX - advanced technology extended

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BIOS - basic input/output system

BNC - Bayonet-Neill-Concelman or British navel connector

BRI - basic rate interface

BTX - balanced technology extended

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CD - compact disc

CD-ROM - compact disc-read-only memory

CD-RW - compact disc-rewritable

CDFS - compact disc file system

CGA - color/graphics adapter

CMOS - complementary metal-oxide semiconductor

COM1 - communication port 1

CPU - central processing unit

CRIMM continuity-rambus inline memory module

CRT - cathode-ray tube

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DB-25 - serial communications D-shell connector, 25 pins

DC - direct current

DDR - double data-rate

DDR RAM - double data-rate random access memory

DDR SDRAM - double data-rate symmetric dynamic random access memory

DFS - distributed file system

DHCP - dynamic host configuration protocol

DIMM - dual inline memory module

DIN - Deutsche Industrie Norm

DIP - dual inline package

DMA - direct memory access

DNS - domain name service or domain name server

DOS - disk operating system

DB-9 - 9 pin D shell connector

DRAM - dynamic random access memory

DSL - digital subscriber line

DVD - digital video disc

DVD-RAM - digital versatile disc-random access memory

DVD-ROM - digital video disc-read only memory

DVD-R - digital video disc-recordable

DVD-RW - digital video disc-rewritable

DVI - digital visual interface

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ECC - error correction code

ECP - extended capabilities port

EDO SDRAM - extended data out symmetric dynamic random access memory

EEPROM - electrically erasable programmable read-only memory

EFS - encrypting file system

EGA - enhanced graphics adapter

EIDE - enhanced integrated drive electronics

EISA - extended industry standard architecture

EMI - electromagnetic interference

ENET - Ethernet EPP enhanced parallel port

ERD - emergency repair disk

ESD - electrostatic discharge

ESDI - enhanced small device interface

EVGA - extended video graphics adapter/array

EVDO - evolution data optimized or evolution data only

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FAT - file allocation table

FAT12 - 12-bit file allocation table

FAT16 - 16-bit file allocation table

FAT32 - 32-bit file allocation table

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

FDD - floppy disk drive

FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FPM - fast page-mode

FPM SDRAM - fast page-mode symmetric dynamic random access memory

FRU - field replaceable unit

FTP - file transfer protocol

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GB - gigabyte

GDI - graphics device interface

GHz - gigahertz

GUI - graphical user interface

GRPS - general radio packet system

GSM - global system manager or graphic size modification or graphics screen manager

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HCL - hardware compatibility list

HDD - hard disk drive

HDMi - high definition media interface

HPFS - high performance file system

HTML - hypertext markup language

HTTP - hypertext transfer protocol

HTTPS - hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer

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I/O - input/output

ICMP - internet control message protocol

ICS - internet connection sharing

IDE integrated drive electronics

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IIS - internet information server

IMAP - internet mail access protocol

IP - internet protocol

IPSEC - internet protocol security

IPX - internetwork packet exchange

IPX/SPX - internetwork packet exchange/sequenced packet exchange

IR - infrared

IrDA - Infrared Data Association

IRQ - interrupt request

ISA - industry standard architecture

ISDN - integrated services digital network

ISO - Industry Standards Organization

ISP - internet service provider

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KB - kilobyte

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LAN - local area network

LAT - local area transport

LCD - liquid crystal display

LED - light emitting diode

LPT - line printer terminal

LPT1 - line printer terminal 1

LPX - low profile extended

LVD - low voltage differential

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MAC - media access control

MAN - metropolitan area network

Mb - megabit

MB - megabyte

MBR - master boot record

MCA - micro channel architecture

MHz - megahertz

MicroDIMM - micro dual inline memory module

MIDI - musical instrument digital interface

MLI - multiple link interface

MMC - Microsoft management console

MMX - multimedia extensions

MP3 - Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio

MPEG - Moving Picture Experts Group

MSDS - material safety data sheet

MUI - multilingual user interface

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NAS - network-attached storage

NAT - network address translation

NetBIOS - networked basic input/output system

NetBEUI - networked basic input/output system extended user interface

NFS - network file system

NIC - network interface card

NLI - not logged in or natural language interface

NLX - new low-profile extended

NNTP - network news transfer protocol

NTFS - new technology file system

NTLDR - new technology loader

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OEM - original equipment manufacturer

OS - operating system

OSR - original equipment manufacturer service release

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PAN - personal area network

PATA - parallel advanced technology attachment

PCI - peripheral component interconnect

PCIX - peripheral component interconnect extended

PCL - printer control language

PCMCIA - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PDA - personal digital assistant

PGA - pin grid array

PGA2 - pin grid array 2 PIN personal identification number

PnP - plug and play

POP - post office protocol

POP3 - post office protocol 3

POST - power-on self test

PPP - point-to-point protocol

PPTP - point-to-point tunneling protocol

PRI - primary rate interface

PROM - programmable read-only memory

PS/2 - personal system/2 connector

PSTN - public switched telephone network

PVC - permanent virtual circuit

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QoS - quality of service

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RAID - redundant array of independent discs

RAM - random access memory

RAMBUS - trademarked term

RAS - remote access service

RDRAM - rambus dynamic random access memory

RF - radio frequency

RGB - red green blue

RIMM - rambus inline memory module

RIP - routing information protocol

RIS - remote installation service

RISC - reduced instruction set computer

RJ - registered jack

RJ-11 - registered jack function 11

RJ-45 - registered jack-45

ROM - read only memory

RS-232 - recommended standard 232

RTC - real-time clock

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SAN - storage area network

SATA - serial advanced technology attachment

SCSI - small computer system interface

SCSI ID - small computer system interface identifier

SD - card secure digital card

SDRAM - symmetric dynamic random access memory

SEC - single edge connector

SFC - system file checker

SGRAM - synchronous graphics random access memory

SIMM - single inline memory module

SLI - scalable link interface or system level integration or scanline interleave mode

SMB - server message block

SMTP - simple mail transport protocol

SNMP - simple network management protocol

SoDIMM - small outline dual inline memory module

SOHO - small office/home office

SP - service pack

SP1 - service pack 1

SP2 - service pack 2

SPDIF - Sony-Philips digital interface format

SPGA - staggered pin grid array

SPX - sequenced package exchange

SRAM - static random access memory

SSH - secure shell

SSID - service set identifier

SSL - secure sockets layer

ST - straight tip

STP - shielded twisted pair

SVGA - super video graphics array

SXGA - super extended graphic array

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TB - terabyte

TCP/IP - transmission control protocol/internet protocol

TFTP - trivial file transfer protocol

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UART - universal asynchronous receiver transmitter

UDF - user defined functions or universal disk format or universal data format

UDMA - ultra direct memory access

UDP - user datagram protocol

UFS - universal file system

UPS - uninterruptible power supply

URL - uniform resource locator

USB - universal serial bus

UTP - unshielded twisted pair

UXGA - ultra extended graphics array

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VESA - Video Electronics Standards Association

VFAT - virtual file allocation table

VGA - video graphics array

VoIP - voice over internet protocol

VPN - virtual private network

VRAM - video random access memory

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WAN - wide area network

WAP - wireless application protocol

WEP - wired equivalent privacy

WIFI - wireless fidelity

WINS - windows internet name service

WLAN - wireless local area network

WPA - wireless protected access

WUXGA - wide ultra extended graphics array

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XGA - extended graphics array

XPR - is an AIX command line utility

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ZIF - zero-insertion-force

ZIP - zigzag inline package

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